I just want to post this before I sleep. 

I am not one of what you call fashionistas. We are just living in a simple life and can’t afford to buy clothes just for fashion. I always wait for Christmas because that’s the only time that we can buy what we want, unless we have our own money. So… Maybe I can say that we only buy clothes once a year. In fact, that checkered polo that I am wearing on the picture was bought three years ago. I am already 15, and I still wear my shirts from my 11th. You can say that I am not getting big that’s why my shirts still fit well, I think so. 

So, this is my advice or little tips for those who wants to have fashion but has a little clothes on their closet πŸ”»πŸ”»πŸ”»

Don’t worry. You don’t need to buy new clothes.

Be creative. You can cut of your clothes to make it has a style. Like ripping it or retouching it.

Save more. Use your old clothes. Even you used it million times but it still fits in you, you can add some style/fashion on it. Example, tying a big shirt on its side to make it as a style or pairing it with other accessories.
To be added…


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